Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy (Late) Valentine's Day

I am posting this late because I actually was not planning on posting this. I made a few e-cards for Kevin for Valentine's Day, since he is still in Washington. The kids and I emailed them to him...but for some odd reason he cannot get them to open and work. So my solution was to post them on here and hopefully he will be able to see them.

Valentine's day was full of fun here. I decided to take the kids to Gnomeo and Juliet...SO CUTE!!! They loved it. It was the perfect way to celebrate the day!!

Here is the Valentine's card for Kevin from the kids:

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The Valentine's Card from me to Kev:

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Kolbi has been potty trained for about a month now. She was my easiest to train so far. I was truly amazed at how well it went. I had talked to her about it a little bit because she hated getting her diaper changed. I told her she wouldn't have to wear a diaper and get it changed if she went in the potty. So for a few days she wanted to wear underwear but then was having accidents in them and didn't quite seem to understand the concept completely.

After 2 few days of accidents and her getting upset because she didn't like the feeling of her underwear getting dirty, I decided to just go back to diapers and thought we would try again in the future. She didn't want to have anything to do with diapers. She kept saying, "NO BIAPERS!!" (She can't say Diaper:)) Finally, I gave in and let her wear underwear. She was amazing and has only had two accidents since then. I am so thankful for her determined little attitude for things like this. She loves her underwear and has even been dry every night except for one when she was sick.

Public restrooms are always a frequent stop with a newly potty trained kid. Usually when we go in, I hold onto her knees and tell her it is to keep her from falling back. I also have her hold onto my hands (to keep her from touching the toilet). I tell her "I will hold you so you won't fall."

Well the other day we were in a public restroom and I needed to use the restroom also. So when I sat down, she put her hands on my knees and said, "I hold you so you don't fall. I take care of you and help!" It was the cutest thing. She is my little star and now a potty trained one!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

So my title is our family motto for the past month and for the upcoming months. There is so much that has happened in the last few months and I so wish I was better about blogging. Today I woke up with the resolve to post on my blog and just start somewhere.

Kevin left for Spokane, Washington on the 8th of January and will be gone until February 20th. Him leaving has come at a particularly hard time for our family, but also a very spiritual time. On Christmas Eve, we were spending the day skiing with some very dear friends of ours. Chauncy, Kelli, Elise "Eli"(5 years old), Milli(3 years old), and Logan(3 months old) have been great friends to us since we moved here. It has been such a wonderful pleasure to watch their children as Kelli pursued her CNA and other times just to hang out.

Kelli and Eli were involved in a tragic accident while we were skiing that day. A snowboarder collided with both of them. Kevin and Kambria had been skiing near them and saw the accident happen. Kambria came to the lodge and Kevin went to help. Kevin did CPR on Eli, while ski patrol and other medical professionals that were skiing that day also worked on Kelli and the snowboarder. Beautiful Elise did not survive, nor did the snowboarder. Kelli was life-flighted to the hospital. She spent a week in the ICU with some of those days being in a medical coma. Kelli is now in Denver going through extensive rehabilitation, due to numerous brain, skull, and vertebrae injuries. She is awake and trying to get her body to heal. Unfortunately, she has amnesia and is not aware of the events of the last month. Chauncy and Kelli are such examples of faith and unwavering love!

Our hearts have been so broken through this, but they have also grown so much! It has taught us to really appreciate every moment and to treasure those around us! So yes, Kevin leaving for 6 weeks comes at a very difficult time, but also a very strong time in our marriage and family. We have learned how important it is to work together and work things out! We are so thankful for the example of Elise! She was such a sweet spirit and so loving! We will miss her!

I have to also say how thankful I am for my wonderful children. They are so helpful and good to me! My birthday was on Sunday the 16th. Kolbi had been sick that whole week and I wasn't sure if I should take her to church or not. When she woke without a fever and seeming like she was feeling somewhat better, we decided to go to church. Kyle kept saying, "Mom, it isn't fair for you to stay home on your birthday!" All of the kids were excellent at church. After church Kaylee made me a yummy sandwich and they all sang Happy Birthday to me while I blew out a candle on the cake that Kaylee and Kambria made for me the day before with their Easy Bake Oven. I love my kids!!!! Later, we were treated with a yummy dinner at our great neighbors across the street.

So in the midst of trials, great blessings come! I am thankful for the knowledge the gospel has given me and that I know the Lord will answer our prayers and watch out for us! His plan is divine and there is purpose in all things!

This is a picture of Kaylee with Eli (and Kyle in the background) while we were hiking on Casper Mountain this fall. We will miss you, Eli!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Callings, birthday and Achievement Days

Time is really starting to fly for me lately!! I can't believe Kaylee turned 8 years old this weekend. (pics and post to follow after her baptism this weekend):)

About a month ago I was called as the 1st Counselor in the Primary Presidency. I was so excited because I love primary. So far the calling has been great! Yes, it has added some more things to schedule and time to make sure things I am supposed to do get done. What calling doesn't thought, right?!

Well, this weekend Kevin was called to be the Young Men's President. I was also excited about this calling because from the time he got the phone call asking him to meet with the bishop to the time I saw him after the meeting, I had been feeling like he was gonna get called as the Young Men's President. It was just something that had been going through my mind, so when he told me, I knew it was the right thing and the Lord was going to provide a way for him to accomplish it. I also have all the faith that our family will be able to schedule everything well and I know we will be blessed!!

So anyway, tonight Kaylee went to her first Activity Days (since she turned 8), Kyle went to scouts and Kevin went to Young Mens. What a weird feeling it has been for me to have just my 2 youngest at home. I can't believe we are entering this stage in life with my kids!! I love seeing my kids grow and become such great young people, but I also want to push the pause button!! I love my kiddos and my family!! I am so thankful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to send these precious kids to me!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer 2010

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thirteen years

This post is a little late...but I wanted to share my thoughts anyway. So here goes:

Kevin and I celebrated our thirteenth anniversary on the 26th of April! It is so hard to believe it has been that long that we have been married! I would not have thought 13 years ago when I was helping Kevin move pipe on the BYU-Idaho farm that time would find us where we are today.

We have lived in 10 different homes/apartments, 5 different states and one foreign country.

How we met:

I was starting college at BYU-Idaho (then Ricks College). One night before the semester even started I ran into a good friend of mine from high school, Brad. He introduced me to his roommate Kevin. Kevin said, "Brad, your right she is beautiful." I laughed a little uncomfortably because I knew that was FOR SURE a pick up line. I didn't really want to give much attention to the comment because I was interested in a guy at the time. Brad invited me over to their apartment a few days later and I accepted the invite.

Well, a few days later I went over to the apartment and was talking with Brad and Brian (both were friends from high school) when Kevin walked in. He had been out in the potato fields all day and was dirty and smelled horrible. He walked up to me and asked me when I was gonna go out with him. I really didn't know how to respond and thought I was calling his bluff when I said, "well, when you ask me." (I thought for sure he was all talk) He then said, "how about tomorrow night?" I was shocked that we was so quick with his comeback, but accepted.

The next day I received a phone call from Kevin saying he forgot about a lab he had and couldn't go out. I thought he was just being a player and flirt but he asked if I could go the next night. Well, I said sure. (Please don't get me wasn't that I didn't want to go out with I said, I had my sights on another guy and my brain was preoccupied with him).

Kevin didn't call and cancel the next day, so he picked me up and we went out for ice cream at a place called Mill Hollow. I had a great time. Kevin made me laugh and made me feel like I could do anything. We were at Mill Hollow for hours it seemed. I really enjoyed his company.

To make a long story short, Kevin kept asking me out on dates and I kept accepting. In November, I was supposed to leave for the weekend to attend a Business Professionals convention. Kevin kept telling me that I couldn't go to the convention. He had wanted to take me hiking to a fun place we had been before. He said it was gonna snow soon and this was our last chance to go. I called my advisor and got out of going to the convention and told her I would write a report instead. She was fine with that. About an hour later Kevin picked me up in his friends truck. We went hiking and the whole time I couldn't figure out why Kevin seemed like he was in such a hurry. Well, we got to our mid-point which was at some old homestead cabins. Kevin said he needed to go to the bathroom, so I went inside the cabin while he "did his business". He came back into the cabin a few seconds later and got down on his knee and asked me if I would marry him. I was so surprised and happily said "YES"!

We were married in April in the Idaho Falls, Idaho temple.

I still enjoy Kevin's company and his sense of humor! Life has sure taken us for a ride and some of it has been bumpy, but we have pulled through. I can truly say those bumpy times have made us stronger in our marriage. Whenever our life gets stressful, which I feel this last year has been, I think of all that we have been through and know that we will keep making it through! Even now, as Kevin is gone for a month for his pediatric service, I know we will make it through and that the distance will make our hearts grow fonder! I am so thankful for the thirteen years we have had! I can't wait to experience what life has in store for us in the coming years, especially with my best friend by my side!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wonderful, White Weekend

My philosophy of winter is this...if it is gonna be cold, there better be enough snow to have fun in! Luckily, this weekend we finally got dumped on with snow and lot of it! Yippee!! It seems like since we have moved to Casper I am always hearing how cold it is and how much people hate the winters here. Winter here does not seem much different from what I remember growing up with in Idaho. The wind was a problem there as much as here...from what I remember. I guess Heavenly Father knew I wasn't gonna live in a warm place for my whole life. (Yes, I do miss Grenada and the wonderful beach:)) With all of that said...I love the snow and was happy to see it falling!

Kevin has had a horrible call schedule and we have been trying to treasure every minute we can spend with him. Saturday was his day "off" this week, so after he did his rounds on patients at the hospital and worked at the wresting match for a little bit, we took the kids up Casper Mountain to go cross country skiing. It was so much fun! Kolbi got to ride in a backpack on Kevin's back. It was Kyle and Kambria's first time and I think they had a great time!

Unfortunately, after Kambria had been skiing for about 1/2 hour her boot kept coming undone and she couldn't keep it on. I stayed back with her and tried to help her boot situation, but the velcro just would not stay. So, Kambria and I skiied back to the lodge. We waited there for the rest of the family to return.

When they got back to the lodge, Kolbi was ready to get warm. She was a great sport and did wonderful. It was so much fun spending time together and doing something to celebrate the snow! The kids have been watching the Olympics lately and when they were done skiing, Kyle and Kaylee said they felt like they could be Olympians! :) Gotta love their confidence!!